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Alia Nauts


Community Served
I chose to serve because I didn't have the best transition to college, so I want to help make this process as smooth as possible for my students. I look forward to helping get them excited for their next step!

During her internship at a youth career academy, Alia discovered a love for working with high school students. She chose MSUCAC to get more experience in a school setting before pursuing a graduate degree in school psychology. She wants to be the kind of person who can help students make the best decisions for them - especially when many students are unsure about what they want to do post-graduation. In her first year at Detroit Leadership Academy, she was excited to get out of her comfort zone by moving to a new city, where has grown both personally and professionally.  

Fun fact: Alia has been vegan for five years!

Alia is from Plymouth, MI and graduated from MSU in July 2021.

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