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Darci VanWormer

Social Work

Community Served
I want students to know that you should not have to sacrifice your dream for any reason and that IT IS POSSIBLE.

When Darci first heard about MSUCAC, she was inspired - she has always wanted to work with young adults, especially in helping them during the transition from high school to college. She believes in centering human relationships while advocating for social and economic justice, so serving as a College Adviser was a perfect fit. According to Darci, young people deserve to have networks filled with coaches, mentors, and other adults who can support them in identifying their skills, developing their goals, and above all, providing them with unconditional positive regard. After MSUCAC, Darci plans to obtain her Master's degree in Social Work to continue to build clinical services and advocacy skills. 

Fun fact: Darci was served by an MSUCAC College Adviser during her time at Waverly High School! 

Darci is from Lansing, MI and graduated from MSU in May 2021.

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