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Emmet Harris


Community Served
“With MSUCAC’s approach of engaging with the whole family and high school community at large, I feel that this experience will give me the best opportunity to give the advice, compassion, and perspectives that were given to me while I was a student at MSU.”

When Emmet was at MSU, he had the benefit of having multiple fantastic advisors who helped guide him toward his degree. They offered compassionate advice, a listening ear, and often a new perspective that motivated him to go beyond where he had set his limits. While he did not get to experience having a College Adviser in high school, his college experience showed him how mentors can completely change the course of someone’s life, showing them paths they didn’t even know existed. Emmet is excited to be this kind of Adviser to the students at Kearsley High School. He hopes to continue in the field in some way, whether in academic advising, career coaching, or working in higher education administration. 

Fun Fact: Emmet competed in Dagorhir (foam sword sparring) in high school!

Emmet is from Lansing, Michigan, and completed his Master’s Degree at MSU in May of 2022.

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