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Eric Hussey

Media and Information

Community Served
"I wish to show students that they have many open doors ahead of them and guide them toward choosing one that will be a good fit for them, according to where they are and where/what they wish to be."

Eric is no stranger to MSUCAC or to Hesperia. As a Hesperia alumnus, he was advised by an MSUCAC Adviser during his time in high school - so when the opportunity came to give back in the same capacity, he jumped at the chance. Eric knows that as a secondary student looking at all the uncertainties and possibilities of their future, it can seem confusing - and having an Adviser can help to effectively manage and pursue those options. He's seen and experienced firsthand the positive impact Advisers can have, and is excited to have that role for his students. Eric also hopes to use his time with MSUCAC to determine if working in a school setting is a good fit for his future career. 

Fun fact: Eric is a big fan of puns!

Eric graduated from MSU in Fall 2021.

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