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Felicity Roman Pelvas


Community Served
I struggled to figure out what I wanted to do after high school, especially since I'm a first-gen student from a low-income background. I truly didn't think college was an option for me, and struggled to adjust at first. I want to help students who, like me, have no idea of the many post-secondary pathways they can take. I hope I can prepare them for the transition from high school to adult life and give them the resources they may need to be successful in whatever way they see fit.

Since Felicity is interested in pursuing school psychology or school counseling, becoming a College Adviser with MSUCAC drew her interest. What better way to determine which qualities she would like to have in her career than experiencing it firsthand? In her role, Felicity aims to ensure that students know all of their options as well as assist them in any way she can on their path to success. She knows from her own experience that the college search process is confusing and stressful, so she loves helping alleviate that stress for Memphis students. She hopes her students realize it's okay to not have everything figured out yet, and that she is there to help. 

Fun fact: Felicity is crafty! She likes to sew, paint, draw, and more. 

Felicity is from the Flat Rock/Carleton area and graduated from MSU in 2021.

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