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MeAnna Durham

Graphic Design

Community Served
I know the feeling of being overwhelmed and drained as a student just trying to have a good future. And with all that I've learned, I will pass it down to the next generation who will hopefully pass it to someone else.
MeAnna is most excited to serve with MSUCAC because she was once a student in need of support. She hopes to be a confidant for students who feel like they aren't being represented or supported on their path to college. She knows that being a senior in high school comes with a lot of pressures: to figure out exactly what you want to be, to work harder than your peers, to go to the "best" college. She has learned in her own experience that there isn't one path to success, and it's okay to change our mind multiple times in college to figure out who you are and who you want to be. Professionally, MeAnna looks forward to expanding her network and making an impact in her community. 

Fun Fact: MeAnna writes poetry!

MeAnna is from Detroit, Michigan, and graduated in May 2022.

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