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Mitchell Doyle

Environmental Biology, Zoology

Community Served
I'm most excited this year to connect with students, teacher and staff and to hopefully make a true impact in the lives of students.

Mitch chose college advising because he didn't receive the full guidance he would have liked during his time in high school. He is hopeful that he can intervene in someone else's path the way he wishes someone had done for him before graduation. He looks forward to be able to work with West Ottawa students and help them find their best match and fit post-secondary plan. While his long term career goals are still fluctuating, he enjoys working with people and is excited to utilize his time with MSUCAC building transferable skills, expanding his network, and figuring out what comes next. 

Fun fact: Mitch was a collegiate athlete for one semester!

Mitch is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and graduated from MSU in Spring 2022. 

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