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Newaygo High School

Newaygo, MI

Enrolling about 480 students, Newaygo High School aims to provide students with opportunities for success that include a wide array of academic and co-curricular activities. Newaygo teachers challenge students through a strong knowledge-based curriculum and utilize a wide spectrum of teaching strategies for a variety of learning styles.

The school’s student-teacher ratio is 24:1, and their mascot is the Lion.

Home to more than 2,000 residents, Newaygo is located in the heart of West Michigan. Newaygo County provides countless outdoor opportunities with 234 lakes, 356 miles of rivers and streams, and more than 100,000 acres of national forest. A striking feature of the community is the amount of support given to the students - when the seniors graduate, every sign from the oil change company to the home insurance agency congratulates them.