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Alanson and Pellston High Schools

Emmet County, Michigan

Alanson Public School is a small district that occupies only one building for K-12, including 75 high school students. The Village of Alanson is home to 785 people and is located on the Crooked River ten miles north of Petoskey in Northern Michigan. Alanson's downtown boast many shops, restaurants, and historical landmarks, and the Village hosts a Riverfest each August to celebrate the Inland Water Route and the community's vibrancy. 

Pellston High School has 163 students and is located in Pellston, Michigan, unofficially dubbed the "Icebox of the North," as it recorded the state's record low temperature of -53 degrees Fahrenheit in 1933. Pellston continues to be one of the coldest places in the nation, with temperatures well below zero for an average of 40 days each winter. It still boasts its northern Michigan summertime, however, with a Summer Festival in June showcasing live music, arts and crafts, a car show, and more! 

Local Adviser favorites include Bayfront Park in Petoskey and weekly Pringle parties with the Pellston office staff. In the words of an Alanson & Pellston Adviser, "if you want to have an adventure, this is the community for you!"