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Hollie Nusbaum

International Relations

Community Served
"Whether somebody is a first generation college student or from a long line of college graduates, the amount of options can be overwhelming. Having somebody there to be able to help them understand their options and research the possibilities can be a huge help, and it is exactly what I would have needed when I was in high school."

Hollie spent a lot of her time in college mentoring young people through the YMCA and Model United Nations. She has a passion for youth development, and she wants to make sure young people always have access to opportunities and know what's available to them. As a first generation college student herself, Hollie remembers how frustrated she felt when trying to figure out college applications and scholarships. With her educational background in International Relations, Hollie hopes to one day work abroad - but she thinks it's important for everyone to serve and understand their own community first and foremost.

Fun fact: Hollie lived in Germany for a year!

Hollie grew up in Woodhaven, Michigan and graduated from MSU in May 2022.

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